"Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's dreams?" - Tim Burton
American Mixed-Media Expressionist Artist. Born in Lansing, Michigan on December 30th, 1997. Currently located in his home town of Mason.
Colin focuses on making artwork that comes from raw emotion and feelings within the moment of creating. Mental Illness is an extremely common topic in his life, so he creates work that represents the daily struggle he faces. His battle with depression, anxiety, and ADHD since taking pills at just seven years old to help “make him better.” Even while taking the same medications today, creating has allowed him to vent the things he can’t say. With all of the dark thoughts and demons that haunt him, what appears in front of him once he is finished with a piece are what he has been wrestling with in his mind. 
The work that he creates can be extremely dark in nature because of the mental illness.  While others are pleasantly colorful and rather welcoming because he might have had a good day. It was because he was feeling "okay" at the time. He has always felt like he doesn’t belong really anywhere, strictly because of how different he is from everyone he has ever known. But his artwork is what gives him the confidence to be his true self, and unafraid to express just how awesome being different can be when you aren't afraid.

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