Daily Demons
This project of mine is a large scale series of small paintings inspired by the every day. I am highly inspired by my own personal experiences in life, and how they have molded me. I am an extremely goal oriented person. Thus by creating/painting these "demons," it allows me time to address & move past my problems. I hope that making faces for my demons helps others give theirs one, and can help them truly defeat their struggles after all. Hang one up by your door before you leave for the day, remind yourself of that win.  

My goal is to create "365 Days of Demons" by Colin Sean VanWyke. An illustration book inspired by mental illness and all of the figures it can take shape into each and every single day of the year.
This project was recently born and is an ongoing work in progress. I have become obsessed with gouache paints within the past two years. These paintings act as color studies for me and allow me to further explore this rather interesting medium. 
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*updated weekly
Yes, I named this project after my finger tattoos.
These may seem like a stupid millennial decision to make, but I got these because of my love for all of the colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, and Violet has always been in my mind for some reason. They serve as a reminder to never give up on this dream.
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