EYE4EYE - Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas (24" x 48")
     My goal is for my work to relate deeply to someone's life, work, passion, struggle, or emotion. Because to me - that is what the work itself is all about. Emotions are what make us who we are. The pieces I create act as a visual representation of a feeling. I use my ability to then take the feelings I have and make them with those said feelings. In the end, doing all of that allows me better understand who I am. I choose what mediums I want completely within the moment. Almost everything I create was done with no plan in mind or virtually any clue of what I will be creating at that time. I am 100% in the moment when I paint.  My artwork is my voice because I am terrible at speaking up about and talking about my emotions. Unfortunately, I have many dark thoughts. But my artwork is a way to identify my demons’ figures, and face them head-on. I want all people to look at my work and see something they are drawn to, because I truly think we have one demon hiding inside we haven't quite put a face to yet. When people purchase my work, I view it as self-care because they can look at their demon at home and know they have moved past them. Own your demons, don't let them own you.
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